About Us

Welcome to Swiss Productions, a pioneering force in the manufacturing industry since 1982. Founded by Vera Kidwell and her son Ken Putman, our company emerged from the legacy of WV Enterprises, established in the 1960s. Built upon a foundation of innovation and customer-centric values, Swiss Productions has grown exponentially under Ken’s stewardship.

Our Story

Driven by a relentless pursuit of customer satisfaction, Swiss Productions has thrived over the past four decades. We’ve cultivated enduring partnerships with clients spanning various industries, facilitating our evolution into a global leader in precision manufacturing.

What began as a modest operation has flourished into a robust enterprise with our unwavering commitment to excellence solidifying our reputation as a trusted supplier to industries ranging from Medical to Aerospace to Irrigation. Moving from California to Liberty Lake, Washington, Swiss Productions stands firm in the belief that quality of life and quality of products can co-exist.

Today, Swiss Productions continues to innovate as we train the next generation of family members to keep the legacy and tradition moving forward. Together, we will remain steadfast in our commitment to upholding the values of excellence, innovation, and customer satisfaction that define Swiss Productions.

Timo Lunceford

General Manager


Office: 509-720-7901 (ext. 208)

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Richard Petrash

Over four decades of expertise in machining

Ken Putman


Blaine Johnson
Dakota Rogers
The Next Generation

Constant Innovation

Today, Swiss Productions, Inc. continues to innovate as we train up the next generation of family members to keep the legacy and tradition moving forward. Together, we will remain steadfast in our commitment to upholding the values of excellence, innovation, and customer satisfaction that define Swiss Productions Inc.

Timo Lunceford

Vice President / General Manager

I grew up in Napa, Ca where I met my future wife Heather, now of 35 years and daughter of the President of Swiss Productions, Ken Putman. After a short while in construction with my dad in Napa, I was asked to come and work for the family machining business in Ventura, Ca where I have been since 1990. I started out as an operator on the shop floor and with no prior knowledge of machining or blueprint reading, I started to fall in love with manufacturing.

I have a deep passion for people, networking and making things happen for our customers. As the VP/GM of Swiss Productions, I love the challenge of taking things on that others may think you can’t do and completing them. I consider myself a student at everything because I am always willing to learn and be taught, which helps my drive in growing the business. 

One of the highlights for me as an owner at Swiss is being able to see the actual parts that we make for our customers worldwide out in the field. It is both fascinating and humbling to see a component we’ve made from a raw material being used to improve or even save people’s lives. It is so rewarding to the point that it makes you want to go back to work each day.

When I am not at work, I am all about family and church. With my wife Heather of 35 years, four daughters – Kaelee, Kinzie, Kennedy, Kamryn – three son-in-laws, and three grandkids…….we stay very active doing anything that has to do with hikes, long drives, boating and jet skiing. We love serving and giving back at our local church VRL, which has really helped build our community outside of work as well.

Michelle Rogers

CFO/Corporate Secretary

Michelle Rogers, CFO and Corporate Secretary at Swiss Productions, Inc., is a dedicated professional with 27 years of experience in the company. A graduate of College of the Sequoias, Napa Valley College, and San Diego State University, Michelle’s journey began with part-time roles during high school and college, supporting her family’s business.

Known for her responsiveness, attention to detail, and aversion to procrastination, Michelle thrives in her role. She enjoys meeting new people and relishes the flexibility of her four ten-hour workdays, which allow for three-day weekends to spend time with her family.

Working alongside her husband and sons, Michelle takes pride in the family-centric culture at Swiss Productions. Beyond work, she enjoys lakeside gatherings, country concerts, and collaborative projects with friends.

Richard Petrash

Richard G. Petrash brings over four decades of expertise to his role at Swiss Productions Inc. With a passion for precision engineering and a wealth of experience in the industry, Richard has been an integral part of the company since its inception in 1982.

Richard’s journey in manufacturing began at a young age, working at a screw machine shop from the age of 16. This hands-on experience laid the foundation for his extensive knowledge of machining processes and equipment. He has honed his skills over the years, mastering various aspects of the business, including machine setup, programming, equipment maintenance, accounting, IT, and management.

Throughout his career, Richard has demonstrated a remarkable ability to solve complex problems and find innovative solutions, earning him a reputation for being resourceful and reliable. His attention to detail and unwavering commitment to excellence have been instrumental in driving Swiss Productions Inc.’s success. His favorite part of the job is passing on his knowledge and expertise to the next generation of employees, ensuring the continued success and legacy of the company.

Ken Putman


Ken Putman, Co-Founder of Swiss Productions, Inc., brings over 55 years of machining experience and a commitment to integrity and hard work. His passion for machining lies in the tangible satisfaction of creating products.

Ken’s dedication to the business extends beyond profitability; it reflects his desire to create lasting value and a legacy of excellence. He takes pride in the employment opportunities Swiss Productions provides for multiple generations of his family.